Adrenal Fatigue


The age old phrase, The Buck Stops Here, applies completely when it comes to stress and our adrenal glands. All stress ends up at the adrenal glands as the final destination for responsibility of handling stress. Whether the currency of stress is chemical, mental, emotional, physical or electromagnetic…the adrenal glands take the hit.

Chemical stress is either toxicity or insufficiency of the nutrients (vitamins, minerals or cofactors) our bodies require to keep up each day with all that life demands from us. Emotional stress is…well if you are human, alive and reading this….no explanation required! Mental stress again is a fact and concept that you and I are well acquainted with. Physical stress is poor posture, unbalanced spine, joint and body mechanics which may need the attention of an accomplished Doctor of Chiropractic. Physical stress is also caused by a lack of moving the body, aka exercise and results also from lack of proper rest and sleep. Electromagnetic stress is caused by too little exposure to natural light like the sun produces, even on a cloudy day 15 minutes of outdoor light is needed or use of an Ott light indoors. Electromagnetic stress is also too much exposure to the ever increasing sea of electric signals produced by our computers, cell phones and wireless communications.

For most of us our adrenal glands are treading water and for many of us they are drowning. Since the adrenals produce our sex steroid hormones, hormones to balance blood sugar, hormones to balance our electrolytes and hormones for the surge of adrenaline we need when chased by the occasional modern day saber tooth tiger…WOW…no wonder we are seeing so many chronic degenerative conditions and so many of us are tired and wired or wired and tired! Just have your blood pressure checked in a seating position and then check it immediately after standing…this is a test we do in our clinics every day. With healthy adrenal glands your systolic blood pressure (the upper number) will increase 4 to 10 points in the standing position. For most of the new patients we evaluate their blood pressure drops 4 to 20 points and is called orthostatic hypotension due to fatigued adrenal glands.

So the solution is to have more fun, decrease stress where possible and support your adrenal glands nutritionally. The best results are using B-Complex and HealthE-drenals formula initially for 60 days if you have had big stress events recently in your life and then continue support thereafter with ExhilaQuest and the B-Complex until stress in your life is gone…which means you will be taking these for the rest of your life if you want your adrenal glands to retire at the same time you do.

For many of our patients we also recommend Licorice Root and monitor your blood pressure to evaluate when it is increasing upon standing.

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