Aches & Pains

image_painOh my aching _______!!! You fill in the blank. The Jack of All Trades…AKA, Inflammation is at work here with the discomfort, nagging, aches and pains felt in any part of our body. Targeted nutritional supplements like a proprietary patented extract from Hops (Luduxin) contained in HealthE-Joint, the Glucosamine Hydrochloride/Chondroitin Sulfate found in ChondroFlx, Turmeric as included in HealthE-Relief, and the EPA/DHA omega 3 essential fatty acids in Super Fishy Lube…all of these have been proven to decrease the fires of inflammation. Exercise 150 minutes per week helps blood sugar get into the muscles while decreasing needs for insulin and inflammation. Avoiding the immune system aggravating chemicals called lectins in foods not friendly to your genetics by eating right 4 your blood type also puts out the fires of aches and pains.




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